February 7, 2011

super blow

superbowl XLV is in the books. the packers won. and the rest of us lost.

Christina Aguilera effed up the National Anthem…even if she had remembered the words, it was still kind of painful to watch.

and Black Eyed Peas decided to do a halftime show…

I enjoyed their light up, bedazzled, futuristic get-ups. I enjoyed the tron-like people and the stage that spelled things. that was all neat. Even that racially ambiguous guy who looks like a Ninja got some solo time on the mic (and i love that guy).

then this happened.

umm. i just…what?

Fergie, quit that Axl Rose impression & those body rolls. Slash is not into it. (neither are we)

the only thing that could save this thing was Usher dropping from the sky and saving the day.

take note performers, he didn’t even try to sing. the superbowl isn’t about vocals…it’s about getting people amped.

(and nothing will amp this gal up faster than an all white outfit and some fly dance moves)

February 6, 2011

it happened in a creepy basement

i got a text at 8 last night telling me that Mumford & Sons was playing a secret show at 9. with more than a little doubt, i headed to the (very creepy) basement of a house less than a mile from mine…

and heaven help me – it was true.

the band played songs from their last album, and a few new ones they had just written. it was excellent.

at one point, i was wedged so close to Marcus Mumford, that his elbow grazed my boob at least 15 times.

and not only did i get molested by Mumford, I got to share the basement with his friends Jake Gyllenhaal & Carey Mulligan.

no big deal.


{just a quick note about those two}

-Carey Mulligan is officially the most adorable person I’ve seen in real life. She & Marcus Mumford seemed to have a thing going on…I can’t be sure, maybe they were just affectionate friends, but let me tell you, they should get something started.

-after some very creepy eavesdropping on my part, I decided that Jake Gyllenhaal is basically a weird, well-meaning home schooler. Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean; kind of awkward, making lame jokes, pretty loud.

It’s so odd seeing movie stars in real life…much less in a basement in Green Hills.

last night was surreal.

(p.s. Jake Gyllenhaal was drinking Cheerwine – try to deal with that mental image)


February 3, 2011

i know you can’t be tamed…

but, a dream catcher tattoo, Miley, really?

January 31, 2011

it’s like christmas

In a desperate attempt to stop listening to Big Time Rush on repeat (don’t judge me)

I searched out Adele’s new album 21 – which isn’t out in the US until 2/22 –

lucky for you, i found it streaming on grooveshark.com…


enjoy! (she is a genius)

current favorites include “Turning Tables,” “I’ll Be Waiting,” “One And Only” & “Rumor Has It

January 31, 2011

great dane

i just want to take a minute to salute Claire Danes for her excellent choices this awards season.

can i just be you?

January 26, 2011

step by step

stepdads probably don’t come much cooler (or more attractive) than Ashton Kutcher.

here he is getting his family band on with Demi Moore‘s daughter Scout.

I can play tambourine… want to adopt me?

(hey Scout – you’re super awesome. I can’t decide what’s better – that fur hat or your singing.)

January 25, 2011

hide ya kids & set ya tivo

YES! one of my favorite people from Alabama, Antoine Dodson, is getting a reality show.

somebody get me a red bandana and a tank top, stat.

January 25, 2011


Aaron Carter entered a treatment facility this week for “emotional and spiritual issues.”

now we all have emotional and spiritual issues.


(p.s. two-tone pants, Nick, really?)

(p.s.s. not only do they argue about tacos, Elmo, but also, cadillacs & ho’s)

January 23, 2011

no big deal.

oh yeah, i almost forgot.



January 23, 2011

Let’s Catch Up…

I’ve been pretty busy the last week or so…a wedding and a design conference have completely sidetracked what’s important here:

famous people.

inevitably, the minute I turn my back, all hell breaks loose and celebrities start having babies and getting engaged and going to awards shows…so let’s talk.

Kat Von D & Jesse James are engaged.

I won’t lie, there’s a small part of me who likes these two… I mean, let bygones be bygones right?

(the bigger part of me loves Sandra Bullock.)

but what they hey, good luck, y’all.

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman had a baby girl named Faith via a surrogate in December.

I can’t wait to see the happy family wandering the streets of Nashville…way to keep a secret, y’all!

Claire Danes, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone & Angelina Jolie looked unreal at the Golden Globes.

go HERE to have a look at all the pretty dresses (and some of the bad ones – i’m looking at you January Jones)…

American Idol premiered this week, and I missed it. You better believe I’m jumping on board this season.

I am so into J.Lo, it’s ridiculous.

fringe pants!


p.s. I MET MONDO! love love love.

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