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February 14, 2011

i’m with cupid.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Owl City – but after this Valentine’s Day, you can just go ahead & sign me up.

Adam Young, who is the band (and apparently the inspiration for Taylor Swift’s song ‘Enchanted’) posted this message on his website today:

Dearest Taylor,

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a rather shy boy and since music is the most eloquent form of communication I can muster, I decided to record something for you — as sort of a “reply” to the breathtaking song on your current record. This is want I wanted so badly to tell you in person but could never quite put into words.

Everything about you is lovely. You’re an immensely charming girl with a beautiful heart and more grace and elegance than I know how to describe. You are a true princess from a dreamy fairy tale, and above all, I just want you to know..I was enchanted to meet you too.



oh sweet goodness. Taylor! girl! call that boy!

January 26, 2011

step by step

stepdads probably don’t come much cooler (or more attractive) than Ashton Kutcher.

here he is getting his family band on with Demi Moore‘s daughter Scout.

I can play tambourine… want to adopt me?

(hey Scout – you’re super awesome. I can’t decide what’s better – that fur hat or your singing.)

January 10, 2011

a few things…

1) Victoria Beckham is havin’ a baby, y’all!

I love celebrity baby names, and I bet these two will give us a good one. Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz…if this is a girl, my head will probably explode.

p.s. i will forever love Victoria Beckham, see HERE

2) Britney Spears released a new single today called ‘Hold It Against Me‘ – and it sucks.

click the HERE to hear it if you don’t trust me.

I mean, I’ll probably end up loving it. (I’m a sucker for excessive radio airplay)

3) Katy Perry has a perfume.

I’m not sure I want to smell like that.

January 6, 2011


alright, fine.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart, you’re a cute couple.

but, Rob, I have to be a friend and tell you that jacket is bad news.

(oh, you were so cute…remember 2008?)

May 7, 2010

Hope Floats

I am a Nashvillian (and pretty proud of it).

Last week our city was hit hard by floods that have taken thousands of homes, some of our landmarks, and at least 21 lives. You can get an idea of some of the devastation HERE.  The healing will take a long, long time. to learn more and to find how to help, click HERE.

Tonight, our local news station held a telethon to help victims of the flood – many stars, including Kieth Urban, Vince Gill and Alison Krauss performed & gave…but one call from Taylor Swift made my night – that girl donated $500,000.

(Taylor Swift is now an angel in my book. And as such, I will overlook any future transgressions she may be involved in and only say nice things.)

March 17, 2010

funny factory

Amy Poehler & Will Arnett are having another baby!

I love this.

keep making those funny babies.

September 22, 2009

A few things…

let’s catch up:

Zooey Deschanel & Ben Gibbard are married.  Indie kids rejoice.

-hey Mackenzie Phillips, THIS is messed up.

Freddie Prinze, jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar are the proud parents of a little girl named Charlotte

Jessica Simpson‘s dog got snatched by a coyote in front of her.  Now her friends think she’s having a breakdown.  I don’t really blame her.

-Did anyone else see Adele on the VH1 Divas special?  I love her. I would like to offer her my services as her best friend.

Watch this and tell me you don’t love her:

Picture 19

September 9, 2009

Little Sparrow

It’s a BOY!!!


“In the middle of night, the very early hours of September 9, 2009 Sparrow James Midnight Madden was born to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.  He weighs 7lbs 14oz. Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Sparrow are all doing well. Thank you for all of your good wishes.”

i love these people.

July 27, 2009

Taylor Swift is laughing in her tour bus.



Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle broke up.

(Are we sure they weren’t the same person?)

March 12, 2009

a few things…

1.  Sweet Jesus.

The Lord hath made the perfect man.  His acting may be questionable, but he is mighty mighty fine:





Robert Pattinson dominating the new issue of GQ.

2.  Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams got hitched on Tuesday in Savannah, GA.  Congrats.


3.  Remember that time Robert Pattinson was in GQ?

4.  Robert

5.  Pattinson

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