super blow

superbowl XLV is in the books. the packers won. and the rest of us lost.

Christina Aguilera effed up the National Anthem…even if she had remembered the words, it was still kind of painful to watch.

and Black Eyed Peas decided to do a halftime show…

I enjoyed their light up, bedazzled, futuristic get-ups. I enjoyed the tron-like people and the stage that spelled things. that was all neat. Even that racially ambiguous guy who looks like a Ninja got some solo time on the mic (and i love that guy).

then this happened.

umm. i just…what?

Fergie, quit that Axl Rose impression & those body rolls. Slash is not into it. (neither are we)

the only thing that could save this thing was Usher dropping from the sky and saving the day.

take note performers, he didn’t even try to sing. the superbowl isn’t about vocals…it’s about getting people amped.

(and nothing will amp this gal up faster than an all white outfit and some fly dance moves)


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