A few things… *VMA edition

Kanye West knew exactly what he was doing.  That guy didn’t perform and he didn’t win any awards, but he’s the only thing we’re talking about. That guy knows what he is doing.

Seriously, it’s the VMAs – who cares?  I would laugh my head off if Kanye took the microphone from me and acted all crazy. If he took the microphone away from me at the Oscars, we’d have to talk.  But the VMAs?  Really?

-I will never say a bad thing about Beyonce again.  She killed it last night. And, thanks to Kanye (who knows what he’s doing) – she got the chance to be classy and give Taylor Swift the spotlight.

-Why isn’t anyone talking about Pink?  That woman performed on a trapeze. A Trapeze. and still sounded great.

-The Michael Jackson tribute was touching.  But Janet was rough.  Maybe they should have held out for the Grammys.

Lady Gaga is a complete lunatic.  I used to think it was awesome.  but last night was a whole new level of freaky. the outfits, the fake blood – it was all too much.


dear MTV – please don’t let Russel Brand host again.  he just screams at me.


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