Ten Out Of Tenn (v.2)

As I promised…it’s time to recruit the rest of you into some Tennesse pride.

Inglourious Basterds is currently dominating the box office…and i like to think it’s because the main character is from the big TN.


(it might also have something to do with Brad Pitt – but that’s not what I’m here to talk about)


Let’s talk about a couple more of the Ten out of Tenn folks.

today, we’ll focus on the M’s:


It is completely silly how talented the man who goes by Mikky Ekko is.  His voice is out of this world, and his skills in the face painting department are unparalelled.  He sounds like a mix of Jeff Buckley, Magnet, and something from the 80s…or just from another planet.

In other words, nothing I have a problem with.

go HERE to listen to him sing you other pretty tunes.  then go buy it all.


Madi Diaz sings beautiful songs that make my heart happy.  Just go get her music.  you won’t be sorry.

need to be convinced?  go HERE and spend some time with her.  come back and see me in a minute…

…you on board now?  good.

i’m upset you didn’t believe me.  i hope you feel bad.

(more things that are awesome about Tennessee:  Bettie Page!  Ruby Falls!  The Parthenon!  the Jack Daniels distillery!)


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