A few things…

1.  there will be 3 and a half hours of Project Runway happening tonight. i. am. jazzed.  I’ll report back on that later.

UPDATE:  turns out I still love Tim Gunn.  A move to Lifetime didn’t dampen my obsession.  My favorite designer so far?  Ra’Mon.  I love unnecessary apostrophes.  I also love Malvin.  But that’s mainly because his name is Malvin, and his haircut is amazing…and because he takes pictures like this:

Picture 4

i’m not sure about his designs, but i am positive about that picture.  and his lack of a shirt.  I loved Althea‘s clothes…not so sure about her…

We’ll see how I feel as the season progresses.  One thing that’s for sure:  I will not be watching that stupid model show anymore.  What a waste of 30 minutes.  no thanks.

favorite quote from last night:  “I’m Qristal with a Q.  I don’t call it plus size, I call it Plus Sexy.”

2.  go get the new Britt Nicole album.  (I’m not saying that because I was the art director.  I’m saying that because I love pop music.)

3.  Is that supposed to be Mariah Carey?



One Comment to “A few things…”

  1. 1) we whoosed out and fell asleep after the ‘All Star Show’ Very disappointed by our man Santino Rice
    3)I’ve had my eyes on that fragrance project for a while. A close friend/colleague of mine has been working on MC’s dot com. I too questioned mgmt’s selection of that image. eek. :)

    btw – added to my blog roll. long time over due.

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