Ten Out Of Tenn (v.1)

I like to believe that I have a healthy amount of state pride.

Tennessee is my state:  The land of country music, smokey mountains and southern accents.

For the last few years, a group of local artists have gone on tour together and spread the volunteer state love:

Picture 10

Ten out of Tenn is now on its third go round and I’m feeling awesome about it.

So for the next few weeks, until their tour starts in the middle of September, I’ll throw a few of them out there for you to listen to, and maybe you’ll catch a little TN pride as well…


go to Ten out of Tenn‘s myspace HERE – listen to a song or two by these crazy kids,

check out the tour schedule, and look at pretty pictures of their pretty faces…

they’re all fantastic, but this week, let’s chat about Andrew Belle.


I don’t know a lot about Andrew, but I feel so good about what I’m hearing, I want you to hear it too.

click his picture & get his EP for free.  we all know how i feel about free stuff…

so into what’s happening right now.

(other things that are awesome about Tennessee:  Dolly Parton!  Titans!  Graceland!  Hillsboro Village!)


3 Responses to “Ten Out Of Tenn (v.1)”

  1. And Paramore Paramore!

  2. Yes – we can’t forget Paramore.
    A fine Tennessee export.


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