dance dance revolution

I’m not going to pretend like I know anything about jazz dancing.

But I do know about shakin’ my thang.

And in my humble opinion, this dance from last night’s So You Think You Can Dance was the shiz.

Picture 2

Not only are these two dancers adorable, but Wade Robson is out of control.

I even forgive him for that whole cheating with Britney and breaking Justin Timberlake’s heart thing from back in the day.

forgot?  Go watch the “Cry Me A River” video (one of my favorites) and check out the picture that he kicks off the coffee table.

that would be Mr. Robson & Ms. Spears.

oh well, we’ve all moved on. Britney is keeping it together somewhat and Wade is married to that cute Asian gal.

c’est la vie.


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