i am on this situation

I have never been a Megan Fox fan.  I always kind of felt like she was an Angelina rip off.

(And we know how much I love my Ange.)


turns out, it only took two sentences from Miss Fox to change my mind completely:

“There is this Korean Justin Timberlake, named Rain, and I’m really on his situation now.

I’m trying to fix this up.”

say what!?  you talk like a crazy person, Megan.  And I am so into it.

‘on his situation’!??  ‘trying to fix this up’!??

p.s.  not so sure if you need to be on this particular situation, Meg.

now, i love me some good subtitles, but ‘Rainism’?  huh?


One Comment to “i am on this situation”

  1. Oh Man! You have to look up Rain and shampoo on Youtube. He did this Head and Shoulders ad and it’s SO hilarious. “My favourite colour is black… My name is Rain…”

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