Je t’aime reality tv singing competitions

This year’s American Idol has disappointed me beyond belief.  blah.

Lucky for us, I just went on vacation to Paris, where I discovered Nouvelle Star.  It. Is. Amazing.

French people are crazy in the best way possible, click HERE and watch this video then try to tell me you don’t love everything that’s happening.

let me list a few awesome things going on here:

1.  in the first 5 seconds, we meet the new love of my life Yoann.  mmmhmm.

2.  then we see the gayest kid since that guy who won Project Runway hit the stage in a shirt unbuttoned down to his bellybutton.  nice dance moves, guy.

3.  Not to be outdone, a dude shows up in eyeliner, a boa, and some flannel.

Now, this is all fine for entertainment and all…I’m not convinced that anyone is that talented…but last year’s runner up, Benjamin Siksou is legit.


go listen HERE.  love it.

I now leave you with my favorite French reality TV star, Yoann, covering 50 Cent.

(and, Yoann, yes, yes I do want it.)


One Comment to “Je t’aime reality tv singing competitions”

  1. Yay!!!

    I’m sorry to inform you that Yoann was voted off last week though. I’ll keep you posted on the others ;)

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