I’ve been loving Lady Gaga for a while now.  There’s just something about a girl who sings about total nonsense, wears little to no clothing, and likes to dance.

While she’s fabulous and all, I’m pretty obsessed with her background dancers.  They are intense, seemingly gay and for the most part, shirtless.  In other words:  my kind of people.

starting at about 45 seconds in, they tear it up.

who are you, guy in the blue pants!?  I am officially your biggest fan.

(DISCLAIMER:  i have absolutely no idea what is happening in this video.  I don’t know what the story line is, or why any of it is happening.  All I know is that I feel great about it.  And while I’m not quite sure what a discostick is, I can guess.)


3 Comments to “Discostick”

  1. i love game or i love gay?
    i guess either one would apply here.

    (at the library taking a break from my paper. that cheered me up)

  2. omg i liv this video it is the best video i have ever seen lady gaga is the best i luv her songs its all bout the sexual side of life

  3. yeah…by the feel of the video i’ve got a guess as to what a discostick is too haha

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