the Grammys

1.  was Whitney Houston:

a)  drunk? // b)  on crack? // c)  both? // d)  recovering from plastic surgery?


i’m gonna go with e)  all of the above.

2.  best dressed by far:  Jennifer Nettles.  get it girl.


3.  Worst dressed by far:  Carrie Underwood.


wtf, Carrie?  Yeah, I get it, nice legs – but it doesn’t make up for those sleeves.

4.  Jay-Z + Chris Martin = brilliant.


Justin Timberlake + T.I. = brilliant.


Jonas Brothers + Stevie Wonder = unfortunate.



One Comment to “the Grammys”

  1. What about the motown tribute with Jamie Foxx and Smokey Robinson? Or JT and All Green? Or Neil Diamond having everyone from Taylor Swift to Kanye singing Sweet Caroline? Despite Katy Perry’s demoralization of women, I thought it was one of the best Grammy shows in a long time!

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