I just need to get this one out of my system.  I have refrained from being a crazy person.  but i just need to say three things:

1.  yes, i read all of the Twilight books.  and loved it.

2.  Robert Pattinson.  dayum:

3.  I cannot wait for this movie:

the end.


5 Responses to “TWILIGHT”

  1. I agree. I never knew who he was until I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I can not wait for this new movie the books were so good I hope it only gets better. He is so good looking.

  2. Amen. He is beautiful.

    “If that man were standing in front of me, I would not be wearing pants.” – Katie Moore

  3. 1. I felt the baby kick for the first time while reading ‘Twilight’. I think it’s a sign of how good the books are.
    2. He is very attractive, but I also just read that he hasn’t washed his hair and/or bathed in 6 weeks.

  4. 1. maybe you should name the baby Edward or Bella? Although I’ve always been partial to the name Esme.

    2. I like ’em dirty.


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