Top 5 Reasons that the VMAs sucked:

5. Did they film that in a high school gymnasium? I think they spent more money on my senior prom decorations.

4. They kept billing this thing as ‘the most surprising VMAs ever’. umm…the only way I knew it was supposed to be surprising was because the host reminded me every ten seconds.

I was surprised by how cheap it looked and how un-entertained I was…does that count?

3. Anyone hoping that Kanye would pull that thing out of the gutter at the end was sorely disappointed…it was actually the worst I’ve ever seen him.

Who told these rappers they could sing? (Yeah, I’m talking to you T.I.)

2. Russell Brand. I wanted to like him, but sweet lord, that was awful. I’ve seen a lot of tight pants in my time, but his were in another league. He made political commentary that was just insulting coming from a British guy, and maybe it was just me, but I’m pretty sure he yelled the entire three hours.

two words Russell: cool it.

1. Britney Spears won 3 VMAs. for what? being crazy??? If you didn’t know that this junk was rigged before – there’s your proof.

She was lookin’ might fine though, dang girl.

the best part, you ask? Jordin Sparks ripped Russell Brand a new one. that girl called him a slut! let’s talk about surprising. loved it. John Legend had no idea what to do. it was perfect.

all in all, everyone who worked on that thing should be fired. MTV is going down the crapper.

that’s three hours of my life I’m never going to get back.


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