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July 23, 2008

Disney Drama

aww shoot.

so, it has been said that Disney is grooming Selena Gomez to replace Miley Cyrus.

I’ve always been team Selena. she’s way cuter. it’s just a fact.

Miley was dating Nick Jonas.

Nick is my personal favorite. (he has diabetes people!)

Nick is now dating Selena

what a player. love it.

they are like the Brangelina of teenagers…Selick…yeah…that’s perfect.

all my dreams are coming true.

sorry Miley…at least you have your new CD…which I bought…yeah, I’m a sucker…but “Fly On The Wall” is my jam.

July 18, 2008

let’s hear it for the girls

1.  Jennifer Garner is pregnant…five months along…can’t wait for more baby names…

2.  I have next to no desire to see Mama Mia, but I am obsessed with Amanda Seyfreid.


3.  Sienna Miller stole a married man. very disappointing.  not only do i like Sienna, but I really like that fool’s band…check them out anyway:

4.  Lindsay Lohan likes ladies now.

that’s Samantha Ronson…Mark’s sister…hmm…

July 16, 2008

You’re In

Project Runway starts tonight y’all…who knew??

Bravo.  9/8c.

July 13, 2008

baby boom

I’ve been out of the country and apparently, and as soon as I left, it was baby time in celebrity land…

Brad & Ange had their twins…a boy & a girl, Knox & Vivienne. love it.

Nicole & Kieth had a baby girl…Sunday…not the day…it’s her name. starting to love it.

(i hear that Nicole was out and about in Nashville 4 days after giving birth. dang girl.)

oh, how i love celebrities and the things they name their babies…can’t wait for Gwen Stefani to pop…let’s pray it’s a girl…Poppy Rossdale anyone? Just a suggestion…

July 1, 2008

Golden Girl

anyone ever need to know what J.Lo’s gonna look like at 60?

woo – this picture is bad news

how old are they??

July 1, 2008

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

a new poster…

july 18th. oh lord, i cannot wait.

they’re already talking about oscars for Heath Ledger.

this movie is going to rule.

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