the world has not been saved

Madonna & Justin Timberlake4 Minutes To Save The World

i guess.


a few things:

1. i am not into Justin’s hair/gotee combo. he looks like he’d be friends with my cousin Wayne. you don’t know Wayne, but I’m gonna say three things: NASCAR, mud flaps, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

2. i am not into that whole looking into people’s bodies thing. i’m pretty sure that’s not gonna save the world. you only have 4 minutes madonna, don’t waste it.

3. overall, i am not into this song. i want to be, believe me. i’m feeling that horn section…i could just do without all the ‘singing’.

4. i guess, an upside to all of this is that they can dance…but about half way in, Madonna starts grinding with herself, and quite frankly, it left me uncomfortable.

5. what does this song even mean? at one point he’s moaning her name and then she’s spouting philosophical craziness. i don’t think they complete a thought in the entire 4 minutes. that’s no way to save the world.

p.s. yo Timbaland, way to steal that intro from Slim Shady.


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