American Psychic Vol.4

So, the real story this week was Dolly. she can do no wrong.

she is unbelievable. love her.

the singing was okay…the song choices were lame…’Smoky Mountain Memories,’ David Archuleta? Really?

the woman has written 3,000 songs and that’s what you chose!?

I am disappointed that no one chose my favorite Dolly song ‘The Grass Is Blue” – that song, my friends, is a 3 minute miracle. Norah Jones did a perfect version of it…you should all go get it.

anyway…I have proven very inept at predicting this stupid show, but if Kristy Lee Buttface makes it this week, I am quitting.

(UPDATE:  I quit.  I am over it, America.  I can’t do it.  this show has sucked the life from me.  I’m moving on…MTV’s Rock The Cradle, here I come…)


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