A new Duffster

Sorry Hilary Duff, you’ve been de-throned as the Duffster. And this chick actually has talent…


Duffy is one more in the long line of lovely vintage-inspired English songstresses (Amy Winehouse and the oh-so-amazing Adele, fall in the same category).

Her single “Mercy” (which is my jam, by the way) is free on itunes this week. go get it.

it’s getting terrible reviews, but I’m pretty sure those people are mentally incapacitated. one of them has the screen-name Five Iron Frenzy is Dead or Dying. which inspires many questions, including, but not limited to: who are you? what do you do with your time? why?

and if you miss it while it’s free, go ahead and buy it. or check out her myspace HERE.


Hilary, I’ll still watch your movies. let’s be realistic, I can’t quit you.


One Comment to “A new Duffster”

  1. I saw Duffy at sxsw last week. I bet the drummer from De Novo Dahl $20 that she will win a grammy next year. I hope I was right.

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