American Psychic Vol.1

Last night was the first real night of American Idol. And I am back for another season of predictions and commentary.

Let’s start with the best:


they may not look like much in those pictures, but David Cook & Carly Smithson took care of business. Both of them have voices that are out of control. loved it.

the worst:


there is your bottom three, friends. they were either boring, sucky, or retarded. I’ll leave it up to you to place the correct adjective with the correct idol.

I am gonna predict a farewell to blondie up there. no thanks.

David Archuleta, my tiny favorite, blew it big time, but he’s not going anywhere. Once he gets his nerves in check, it’s in the bag…but, those two rockers up there might give him a run.

UPDATE: i got it wrong, but only slightly. peace out David Hernandez. back to Dick’s cabaret with you.

What a fabulous waste of our time this is!

One Comment to “American Psychic Vol.1”

  1. hey.
    just caught myself up on the past couple of months. laughter was flowing like a river……………a really crazy, and happy river.
    this not this

    p.s. i almost look like myself again, cool huh?

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