and so it begins…

I maintained, and did not watch the American Idol auditions…but now that the show is gearing up, I have tuned back in. let’s all take a deep breath and get ready for another season of wasting the majority of our weeknights.

Tonight, the fellas gave it their best shot and I immediately picked my favorite boy this season. let’s all say hello to Jason Castro (watch him HERE):

jason castro

of course, I’d be into the weird one…but he’s got a great look, and a really sweet, unique voice. plus he’s got a good personality (unlike some of these crazy, sexually questionable dudes that made it this far…I’m not pointing fingers, Danny Noriega)

but really, I’m 97% sure that there is no use watching any more this season, because David Archuleta has it in the bag (watch him HERE):

david archuleta

he doesn’t look like much, but he’s 17, he’s got a voice like you wouldn’t believe, he’s adorable and every woman over 35 is gonna want to adopt him.

shoot, i kinda want to take him home.

Don’t take my predictions lightly, let’s remember that last season I picked the winner & my favorite came in at #2.

Before I go too far, I guess we’ll see what the ladies have to offer tomorrow…but I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna take a lot to knock my little dread-locked favorite off his pedestal, and I’m pretty sure that no matter what those chicks do, David is gonna win this thing.


2 Comments to “and so it begins…”

  1. i may have voted for jason castro last night. maybe. :)

  2. YES! i knew i loved you.

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