Three things about the Grammys:

1. I have never seen anyone as happy to get a Grammy as Amy Winehouse for Record of The Year. that was superb. She thanked her “Blake Incarcerated.” brilliant. I’m not gonna lie to you though…Amy Winehouse is a little scary off the drugs – I kept waiting for her to tip over during her performance.

2. I hate to say it, mainly because I know her and really like her a lot…but the lovely and insanely talented Hayley Williams of Paramore was the worst dressed at the Grammys. I love you, but socks with dress shoes? and a see through dress?? no.

but kudos to zack and jeremy (the boys on the ends). I’m feelin’ it.


3. John Mayer was one foxy man when he walked out on that stage at the end of the Alicia Keys performance (he had some nice hair goin’ on)…and to quote my friend Adam Gatchel: “It always seems like John Mayer is creepin’ out from somebody’s backstage…Now that other guitar player feels like a douche

for the most part this has been boring…but I’ll give the Grammys the benefit of the doubt, since my power went out & I missed part of the show…


One Comment to “Ugh”

  1. im not agree. srsly.. hayley was NOT the worst, the dress is fantastic. only she can wear that. she looked beautiful

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