Screw American Idol

Swedish Idol is where it’s at.

Amanda Jenssen is out of control! Her single ‘Do You Love Me’ is insane…check it out HERE.

God, Swedish people are cool. Is that dude wearing a chain with a dollar sign on it!?

the Swedish Paula is awesome. I’m pretty sure that the best part of it is how the people speak in Swedish (which is crazy enough on its own) and then just rip into English like it’s nothing.

Sweden 4 Life.

2 Comments to “Screw American Idol”

  1. i am swedish and i will tell you one thing.. Swedish idol SUCKS. i prefer the american version. i also prefer the american judges. “swedish paula” is very arrogant, she has zero charm. i prefer the real Paula.

  2. haha. i guess you always want what you don’t have…I will for sure be watching & commenting on this season’s American Idol. But somehow I feel like I lose either way…

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