Toga Toga Toga

Everyone keeps talking about how amazing Katie Holmes looked at the Critic’s Choice Awards last night…and I have yet to jump on that bandwagon. katieI’m pretty sure that she looks like she went to a toga party, put on some hooker shoes & forgot to eat. According to the UK Daily Mail, “With the help of a gruelling physical regime devised by husband Tom, the combination of Katie’s marathon training, and gym workouts with a personal trainer helped the star regain her leading lady figure.“ummm…’a grueling physical regime devised by husband Tom’?yeah, let’s all just try to let that one sink in. Meanwhile, the real story of the Critic’s Shoice awards (life in general) is my girl Angelina and her handsome Brad.jolie2wi0801_468x370.jpg I am 89% sure that the only physical regime these two worry about happens in the bedroom.  Yeah, I said it.I have heard rumblings that Ms. Jolie might be expecting.  I cannot wait for these two to make another baby.

Or at least adopt me. 



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