Complete Insanity

Britney Spears has unveiled a new weapon in her arsenal, and she is now winning the battle to prove that she is the craziest person on earth.

It has been announced that her new album is called…get ready… BLACKOUT.


For real Britney? You just lost your kids because (in the words of the judge) you are a ‘habitual user of drugs and alcohol.’ And you named your album “Blackout“!?


I’m not that concerned about Britney’s sanity, I mean, we all know that left with the hair. But who works at her freaking label!? Who is letting this happen!?


Everybody go to rehab.


p.s. $18.98!? this is all retarded.



One Comment to “Complete Insanity”

  1. I think it’s titled that because upon hearing it one only wants to blackout….or maybe they blackouted while trying to name it…

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