So the VMAs were stupid. For the most part, they resembled soul train, circa 1991, mixed with a little bit of porno. performances in hotel rooms? for real, VMAs?

Britney blew. If you’re gonna lip-sync, please dance. (Thank You Chris Brown – you know how to do it right). The best part of her performance was 50 Cent‘s face when they panned to the audience – it was a look of confusion, mixed with offense. Oh, Fitty. P.S. Where was Criss Angel? Did he make those strippers appear dangling from poles in the ceiling? Cause that was pretty magical.

by the way, Perez Hilton is PISSED about it. (click HERE)

the only other interesting things about the VMAs, in no particular order:

Justin Timberlake‘s rant against MTV’s reality shows, after recieving his award from the cast of The Hills. classy.

Justin Timberlake‘s pocket watch. sharp.

-That whole Tommy Lee / Kid Rock fight thing. (watch HERE)

-Was Jamie Foxx on drugs?

-Is Mary J. Blige about to breakdown? She almost broke into tears, and she was just introducing Dr. Dre as her co-presenter. calm down, Mary J.

That’s about it. If you missed it, you didn’t miss much.

Plus, MTV will re-play it about 17 million times.

3 Comments to “Lame”

  1. Agreed, C. Brown can dance. What an entertainer.
    Daaaaang Gina!

  2. Britney……..I didn’t even laugh when I watched it…it made me sad.

  3. Hahahaha. Oh, Katie. You slay me. I love you so.

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