Jesus Freaks & Thugs

My newest love: Kevin Michael.

Kevin Michael

Okay, okay. In my world, it’s a general policy to automatically dislike people with two first names. But that hair more than makes up for it – and his music more than lives up to that coif.

We All Want The Same Thing” is a real gem — check that one out on his myspace

he’s on the road with Maroon 5 this summer, and just about everyone is collaborating with him…he’s gonna be big.

for now, enjoy his acoustic rendition of his song “It Don’t Make Any Difference


One Comment to “Jesus Freaks & Thugs”

  1. omg love him
    i can so realate to him becuase im racially mixed myself
    my mother’s mexican and my father is black
    i fell in love with this song i really hope i can meet KEVIN someday

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