It’s time to talk

It’s been a while…let’s catch up:

– It has been confirmed that Shia LaBeouf and Rihanna are a couple. Yeah, you read that correctly. RhiBeouf? Shihanna? Anybody?

– Rehab update ’07: Amy Winehouse quit, big surprise. Lindsay Lohan is still in, bigger surprise.

– It is being reported that Britney Spears will release a new album this fall, and she will have a ‘suprise’ performance at this year’s VMAs on 9/9. This is going to be good in such an awful way.

– I hate that song ‘Drive’ by Rihanna. That song is junk. I loved the movie Stardust, if you haven’t seen it, do it.

Owen Wilson is in stable condition after his attempted suicide this weekend. God bless him.

– let’s all get ready for Survivor: China. Yeah, I know that one guy.

– In other reality news, it’s almost time for another quality season of Dancing With The Stars, and here is this year’s cast:

        Mel B – ‘Scary’ Spice

        Marie Osmond – Singer/Entertainer

        Floyd Mayweather – Heavyweight Boxing Champion

        Helio Castronetes – Race Car Driver

        Jennie Garth – Actress

        Cameron Mathison – Actor, “All My Children”

        Albert Reed – Model

        Jane Seymour – Actress

        Sabrina Bryan – Actress, “Cheetah Girls”

        Mark Cuban – Owner, Dallas Mavericks

        Josie Maran – Model

        Wayne Newton – Entertainer

Yeah, so when you Wayne Newton is your biggest draw, you’ve got problems.


One Comment to “It’s time to talk”

  1. what? the florez kid is on survivor? insane!! well, i mean, he’s not hard on the eyes, is he? might just have to tune in this season.

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