Team LC

I can honestly say that I have never seen an episode of The Hills.

I don’t plan on watching.

I do know that LC and Heidi are in a fight, because LC hates Heidi’s boyfriend Spencer.  I watch previews.

Heidi & Spencer

I never intended to choose sides.  But I have huge problems with THIS.

That would be Heidi’s single.  Yes, she’s singing.

Now, although I have problems with these reality lame-o’s thinking I want to listen to them sing, this song isn’t terrible. (keep in mind it’s a dance song with tons of production – I’m betting she’ll never sing live)

The bigger issue here is that Spencer raps.

Yes.  You read correctly.  Spencer Raps.

And so, it turns out, I hate him too.


4 Comments to “Team LC”

  1. i do watch the show. sigh. i got sucked in. jon hates it:) but yeah. you should def be team LC.

  2. I have also been sucked into the hills. and i hate hate hate hate spencer. TEAM LC ALL THE WAY!

  3. I’ve watched occasionally, but what I am certain off is that I hate Heidi and Spencer. period. I couldn’t agree more with your comments. The good thing about this whole Newlyweds thing, is that no couple has survived it… so there’s hope :)

  4. of… not off. but you get the idea. Uggg, those two annoy me so. I like Lauren, and the fact that she and my sister have slight resemblances helps a bit more with the whole likeability factor. oh MTV.

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