Backstreet’s Back

Yes, my friends, on October 30th, the Backstreet Boys will be releasing a new album.

I give you their new single, ‘Inconsolable’:

A few things:

1. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that they represent their missing member with a pair of shoes? I think we can just take note that there are 4 — we don’t need the reminder.

2. Their last “comeback” single was called “Incomplete” — come on guys, let’s get some fresh ideas here.

3.  It’s not awful….but it’s not as catchy as this gem:

that dance routine is gold.


2 Comments to “Backstreet’s Back”

  1. It can’t be easy to look cool while dancing on a half of a revolving disco ball…I mean, c’mon!

  2. Backstreet’s back….alright!!!!

    And thank you…I don’t think I’d ever seen the video for “Get Down” before! I mean, who doesn’t love that little rap in the middle. Genius!!!!

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