Team Cera

I am ALL about Michael Cera. He may, in fact, be my new favorite person.

Michael Cera

You might know him as George Michael from the immortal Arrested Development, but Michael is doing great things outside of famously loving his cousin.

On 8/17, Superbad (possibly my new favorite movie) opens in theaters. trailer HERE. seriously, I laugh so hard I cry, and it’s just a trailer.

believe it.

Click HERE to watch his online series Clark and Michael. I’m not even joking- this junk is some serious funny. Almost everyone from Arrested Development makes a cameo. Just start with the first episode and let the 10 minute gems change your life.

In the incredibly wise words of Michael Cera:

Michael Cera. Two words that contain at least a sentence worth of meaning. “Mi” is Greek-Latino for “Opportunity”, “chae” is American for “to the fountain”, and “l Cera” is Toddler for “is where groweth a Mountain”. Michael Cera. Opportunity to the fountain is where groweth a Mountain. Now that is a person that I would earnestly devote 10 minutes of my life to, if it weren’t my own name.

to get you started…the preview:

For more wisdom from the Cera, click HERE for his motivational video ‘Impossible is the Opposite of Possible


2 Comments to “Team Cera”

  1. that show is pretty hilarious… i just watched 4 episodes… amazingly funny. thanks for enlightening me to the wonders of clark and michael.

  2. heyy i lovee michael cera. i saw superbad and me adn all mt friends are like obsessed! haha =) *boop* i love the whole thing.

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