Big Girl, You Are Beautiful

so, i saw Hairspray today…
I still like it better on Broadway…but then again, the movie has Zac Efron in tight pants.

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, Efron, age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

Amanda Bynes was disappointing. hate to say it, we all know how i love her. but the love does not extend to Hairspray. It’s not that she’s bad, she just isn’t a showstopper (unlike the Penny on Broadway…that girl was amazing). The movie kept the raunchy jokes from the show and Elijah Kelley aka Seaweed killed it. That guy is unreal. And in a shocker, James Marsden was my favorite part of the movie…who knew he was so talented!?

I Can Hear The Bells” is just as great onscreen.

p.s. Efron, the offer still stands.

4 Comments to “Big Girl, You Are Beautiful”

  1. What did Lady Connie think about it? I hope you saw it with her…it would basically be wrong if you guys didn’t go together…

  2. Lady loved it…she liked it for all the right reasons though…
    I just liked Efron’s tight pants.

  3. I’m going to bring this up, yes I am: does anyone remember that this was originally a movie? And then a Broadway hit? And then a movie again?

    And that the original original original is a really GREAT movie? Even John Waters, the original director and writer, is producing and writing and cameoing (as always) in the new film version? Everyone is trying to cash in on the fact that nobody remembers what movies came out in 1988….

  4. I remember! That’s why I went to see the Broadway show in the first place!
    I love me some Ricki Lake!

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