Turns out, he’s the man.

so, on a whim, i bought Elliott Yamin‘s record.
And I am feelin’ it.
elliot yamin
Yeah, I said it.

That boy can sing, and he is lookin’ good…especially when you consider that he started HERE.

it’s okay if you don’t trust me. i would be skeptical too.
check out “Train Wreck,” “One Word,” “Movin’ On,” and his cover of “Whiter Shade Of Pale

it’s just some solid R&B baby-makin’ music.

speaking of making babies, check THIS out.
dang Yamin, who knew you were hiding that under your clothes!?


2 Comments to “Turns out, he’s the man.”

  1. lemonpepper, I agree that Elliott’s lookin’ fine and sounding even better, but I regret to inform you that the shirtless photo is actually a composite of Jared Leto’s body and Elliott’s head. It was making the rounds last summer! I have seen a photo of him with his shirt off (shot during the AI tour last year) and he does look pretty good, though!

  2. too bad about the shirtless photo — a girl can dream…

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