Like An Apple On A Tree

Seriously.  She looks like a super-model and she’s on tour with Rufus Wainwright.  Sometimes life isn’t fair.

A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy is 21 yr. old Alison Sudol

check out “You Picked Me” and “Almost Lover” from the album One Cell In The Sea, out 7/17


(for more information, you can check out my side project:  Some Insane Jealousy)


3 Comments to “Like An Apple On A Tree”

  1. I looooove her. I saw her at SXSW w/ Paolo and she was FABULOUS.

  2. i like her… and her song…
    Goodbye, my almost lover… Goodbye, my hopeless dream…

    so much of that… almost…

  3. i adore this woman! her songs are incredible! Near to You is the BEST! am getting the new album for christmas, cannot wait!! :) her hair is gorgeous too (and dyed like mine =D ) xx

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