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June 28, 2007



that, my friends, is a Spice Girls reunion.
and these, my friends, are the tour dates:

Los Angeles – December 7
Las Vegas – December 8
New York – December 11
London – December 15
Koln – December 20
Madrid – December 23
Beijing – January 10
Hong Kong – January 12
Sydney – January 17
Cape Town – January 20
Buenos Aires – January 24

(meanwhile, my girl Vicky has some ferocious ta-ta’s. dang girl. and I am still not over her hair. love it.)

June 27, 2007

Like An Apple On A Tree

Seriously.  She looks like a super-model and she’s on tour with Rufus Wainwright.  Sometimes life isn’t fair.

A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy is 21 yr. old Alison Sudol

check out “You Picked Me” and “Almost Lover” from the album One Cell In The Sea, out 7/17


(for more information, you can check out my side project:  Some Insane Jealousy)

June 26, 2007

I should just be my own best friend

New Amy Winehouse, “Tears Dry On Their Own

i am 99% sure that her hair weighs more than she does.

June 26, 2007

The Facts Of Life

1. Yes, Paris Hilton is out of jail. we can all sleep tonight.

2. I am, in fact, alive…despite the lack of posts.

3. Prince William & Kate Middleton are back together.

I’m gonna miss This Guy.

4. Ryan Adams, Kelly Clarkson, and Hannah Montana all have albums releasing today.

(I’ll be buying one — you guess which)

5. Victoria Beckham & Angelina Jolie are still terrific.

6. Jakerspoon is no more. RIP.

June 19, 2007

Curves in all the right places

i love a man in suspenders.

Oh, Mika, I am feeling your new video for “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

June 18, 2007

‘Rock And Roll Baby’


Paramore + new album = brilliant.

If you’re not going to buy the whole thing, download the following:

That’s What You Get


When It Rains

do it.

June 18, 2007

George Michael!

no, not the 80’s singing sensation…


This has got to be the best movie ever.

June 13, 2007

Stop The Insanity

Papa Fed

It is being reported that Shar Jackson, mother of two of Kevin Federline‘s 4 kids, is pregnant once more with the spawn of K-Fed.

Really Shar? Really!? The guy just got divorced from the crazy chick he left you for while you were pregnant. THEN he had two more kids with that nut. So you got back with him? Really?

I’m not even mad at him.

You go, Kevin. Do your thing.

(UPDATE:  they both deny it)

June 8, 2007

That’s Hot


“A judge orders Paris Hilton back to jail, CNN confirms. She was taken from court screaming, The Associated Press reports.”

oh, if only i could have been a fly on the wall…

(p.s. is it just me, or does girlfriend have a lazy eye?  that sucks- jail AND a lazy eye)

June 6, 2007

Bshorty reigns

It’s our first week without American Idol, it’s gonna be tough, but we’re gonna make it.

Don’t think I forgot about my main man…

Blake Lewis

well, perezhilton didn’t forget about my main main:

Jordin Sparks may have won American Idol, but Blake Lewis is definitely coming out on top in the U.S. singles charts.

His cover of Bon Jovi‘s You Give Love A Bad Name just cracked the top ten this week, coming in at #9.

Meanwhile, Sparks’ This Is My Now lingers at #14.

She may have a bigger voice, but Blake’s got that “it” factor with the girls and – especially – the boys.”

Oh, Perez

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