‘Pat Your Weave Ladies’

so…I’m going to go out on a limb here…
this might be one of the worst music videos ever.

okay, multiple reasons:
1. that makeup (yuck. you’re beyonce. call somebody)
2. the clothes (you’re beyonce. you don’t need to wear that.)
3. the set design (the columns? really? you’re beyonce. go to greece or something)
4. the dancing (in five inch heels? for real? don’t do that)
5. the song (honestly, you’re beyonce)
For real, you don’t even need to watch this thing. Just trust me.
You’ll never get those 6 minutes back.


3 Comments to “‘Pat Your Weave Ladies’”

  1. I don’t know–I’m kinda lovin’ the “who is it?” part and her so proper and diva-ish “why, it’s me!” ha ha!

  2. This is my favorite video right now. I love. Whnever I hear I it, I go crazy.

  3. This video is cool. It’s very retro, different, and fun. And Beyonce is gorgeous, no matter what she does or wears.

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