step to the right back it up and drop it out

My new obsession: Love Arcade
Love Arcade
They are good. They are fun. And they like to move it.
And by they, I mean Christian Berishaj (aka Snowhite), because, ladies and gentlemen, much like Dashboard before him, Love Arcade is actually just the one dude…but he’s a good dude…

The guy sang all the parts and played all the instruments on the album. dang.
And he’s only 19. shoot.
And he dances like it ain’t nobody’s business. holler.

I’m not going to lie, he picked some superb guys to build his band…
just watch the guitar player…love that guy…
check out “Can’t Stop“. i am all about it.

i love me a man who dances.

p.s. download “Can’t Stop,” “Party,” “Sweet Thing” & “Moses” if it’s the last thing you do.


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