For all those who survived Belmont…

Little Ol’ Belmont is on the cover of


2 things:

1)  that little girl hates that sign…and by the looks of it, her life.

2)  nobody in their right mind will call that little road ‘Melinda Doolittle Way’.  what a lame prize. 


PEOPLE.COM — It’s Melinda Doolittle Day at Belmont University!

Fans started gathering at 6 a.m. on the Nashville campus Friday to welcome back Melinda Doolittle, who graduated from the school in ’99. By the time the Idol semifinalist arrived in a white Mustang convertible, several thousand people lined both sides of the street – many wearing T-shirts that read “Belmont Hearts Melinda Doolittle” and holding up signs that read “Doolittle’s Da Bomb.” The singer wiped tears from her eyes and looked toward the sky before waving to the crowd.

Belmont president Robert Fisher welcomed Doolittle back to the school where she was once the mascot, Bruiser the Bruin, by unveiling a street sign on campus that read “Melinda Doolittle Way.”

“We at Belmont have known for a long time what America is just finding out and that’s just how good you are,” Fisher said to the singer before calling her to the stage. “What America needs is an idol like you, someone who lives their life like you.”

An emotional Doolittle stood before the cheering crowd and said, “I’m a mess. Okay, my mom is worse than I am so I’m okay.” But the former back-up singer was able to compose herself before belting out “Home” and “Since You’ve Been Gone,” according to the Tennessean newspaper. The crowd went wild, cheering “You’ve gotta win,” “We love you, Melinda,” “We know you’re gonna win,” – and even “Melinda for President!”

“This is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced,” Doolittle told the paper. “It’s so good to be home.”


pfft.  Girlfriend was the mascot!?  She deserves a lot more than some posters and a street sign.  give that woman some money. 


3 Comments to “For all those who survived Belmont…”


  2. Man, all the cool stuff happens at Belmont once I leave!!!!!!

  3. I’m all for school spirit, but they really should have named a street after one of the alums who actually has a record deal…not one that had a 1 in 3 chance of getting one.

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