That’s It, I’m moving to Sweden

The great land of the Swedes just keeps giving me solid music…
First The Ark, then Tingsek, and now Johnossi:


Made up of a guy named John and a guy named Ossi (love it), they’re kind of reminiscent of The White Stripes…not only because the band consists of only guitar & drums, but the music has the same raw blues-y rock feel.

They describe themselves as “a love story between two dear friends, sticking together, standing up for each other, sharing the same bed in this shithole known as the record industry.” …

Go HERE and check out “Execution Song,” “Man Must Dance,” and “‘Family Values”

That last one is really terrific…oh, Sweden.

3 Responses to “That’s It, I’m moving to Sweden”

  1. yep. i just bought it. fyi-your stellar music taste is draining my bank account.

  2. Yeah we swedes are pretty cool.


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