American Psychic Vol. 8

Consider my life changed.

Blake Lewis is the singular best thing that has ever happened on American Idol.
Hair color change? Yes. Beat Boxing? Definitely. Bon Jovi? For Sure.

Blake Lewis, I knew there were plenty of reasons I’ve loved you from the start.
Brilliant. As soon as I can find that performance on youtube, that mofo is getting posted.

Until that day comes, enjoy Bshorty’s friend, thank God for this guy…

‘Sax Solo!’

LaKisha also killed it tonight. But she didn’t kill in as epic a fashion as my man Blake.

Two will go home tomorrow, I’m pretty positive that Chris will be one of them…and I wouldn’t mind if Phil went home, although he did really well…but my predicted winner Jordin sucked a whole lot tonight. So really, I’m not sure who that second slot will go to.

Blake is out of control. I just can’t get over it.

(UPDATE: I can’t help my amazing psychic powers, peace out Phil & Chris)


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