Unanswered Prayers

So, Jesus, I’m not sure if you heard me about that whole Dancing With The Stars thing
but this will definitely do.

vicky b

My girl Vicky’s got a reality show!

from People Magazine “It’s official: Victoria Beckham has secured a deal with NBC and American Idol producer Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment for a reality series about her move from London to L.A.

“The series will give viewers a glimpse into what makes Victoria so popular and admired as one of the most glamorous women in the world,” said Kevin Reilly, the president of NBC. “She makes news wherever she goes and our audience can now become insiders in this fascinating personal view of what being ‘Posh’ truly represents.”

Adds Beckham: “This show is really something different, it’s pushing the boundaries and I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.”

The series is still un-named…but as always, i have a few suggestions:
-‘2 become 1: The Beckhams, Makin’ Babies 24/7
-‘Oh My Posh!
-‘Me & Vicky B‘ (okay, so I’d have to join the cast for this one to work out as planned)
-‘What Not To Eat

Just a few suggestions, all solid.


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