American Psychic Vol. 7

and now, a visual representation of the way this thing will go down…


those three on the left are outta here in the next few episodes…
the final three will be Melinda, bShorty, and Jordin. done.

shockingly, Blake was my least favorite tonight. Yeah, I can admit it.
But I think he’s too lovable to go.

It will probably be LaKisha leaving tomorrow night. I feel it.

Tomorrow’s show will be a good one…American Idol is actually doing something good with it’s stupidly high ratings. They will be raising money to help with poverty both here in America and in Africa…there will be some big time performances during the two hour special, and they promise ‘the most shocking performance ever’

how can you not tune in to that?

(UPDATE: lame. none of those lame-o’s got kicked off. and Celine Dion did a lame duet with Elvis. yes Elvis. I wasn’t shocked by the performance so much as Celine being a stone cold fox – sister looked good. I smell a comeback a brewin’)


8 Responses to “American Psychic Vol. 7”

  1. Boo on tonight’s show and the non-going homeness of the crappy contestants.

  2. does that mean 2 are going to go next week? what the f?

  3. Melinda should get to know Mandesa from last season and they could put together a Christian album.

  4. funny you should say that…Mandisa is signed to Sparrow Records, and her album ‘True Beauty’ will be out 7/31.


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