American Psychic Vol.6

And here we go:
phil LaKisha chris

This one is really a toss up for me. If I got to choose, LaKisha would be gone. But it’ll probably be Bald-y sayin’ goodbye this week (even though tonight’s performance was his best).

I really think that cute little Chris didn’t cut it tonight. But he’s representin’ for Virginia, and he got all emotional when telling everyone to stay strong. I was moved, I think people will feel it…

(UPDATE: In a shocker, Sanjaya was voted off. Now that chick can get a burger…And in other news, how unreal was Martina McBride!? that woman tore it up!)

And I will now tell you that Jordin Sparks will win this thing. I love you Blake, but tonight confirmed my suspicions…girlfriend’s got it in the bag.

Jordin work it.


One Comment to “American Psychic Vol.6”

  1. Go Jordin!!!! I’m all for her winning. She can sing, she’s young, and she’s cute….she’s in.

    I hate to diss your guy…but my goodness I wasn’t digging Blake’s “When the Stars Go Blue”. Of course, I couldn’t get the Ryan Adams version out of my head and that version is amazzzzzzing.

    I’m sad LaKisha is sucking so much these days. First show I thought SHE had it in the bag.

    I would loooooveeeeeeee to see Chris go home. Ew.

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