Viva Sanjaya!

One of my favorites, Shia LaBeouf, is hosting Saturday Night Live this week,

and I have a feeling it will be a good one…

shia labiggity

despite the fact that Avril Lavigne is the musical guest.

In other TV news, our dear friend J.Lo, or Jennifer Lopez as she now prefers to be known, will be spicing things up on American Idol tonight with some Latin flavor. It’s probably gonna get ugly.

Blake Lewisp.s. i still love you Blake…just don’t cover ‘La Bamba’


4 Comments to “Viva Sanjaya!”

  1. there’s a latin night?!?! how come you didn’t tell me. what time that show come on, anyway? And what does the title have to do with the blog?? Sanjaya, who??

  2. They couldn’t get Shakira to perform, I’m guessing….

  3. i predict sanjaya will sing shake your bon bon..or she bangs. glorious.

  4. Heather — have you been paying attention?

    Sanjaya is…well, Sanjaya just is.

    google him.

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