American Psychic Vol.5

I would like to personally extend an apology to Gloria Estefan. Her songs were butchered tonight. The rhythm got us all.

haley phil LaKisha

If life is fair, Haley Scarnato – or The Pantsless Wonder as I like to call her – will be gone tomorrow.

LaKisha Jones & Phil Stacey, no thanks. You two were pretty forgettable as well.

My favorite, you ask?
Chris Richardson worked it out tonight. I am normally not a fan, but that kid won me over:

(sidenote: this may be the start of a new fascination with Jennifer Lopez – love her)

p.s. when did Sanjaya join a Puerto Rican street gang?? did anyone else see that facial hair?

UPDATE: there is a God. Haley is O.U.T. – and how ironic, the one night she wore pants…


5 Comments to “American Psychic Vol.5”

  1. The Pantsless Wonder – hahahahahahah that rules!!!

  2. once again, you made me laugh so hard i almost fell out of my chair.

  3. Thanks for the latin representation, JLo! ha ha–not!

  4. did anyone sing “shake your bom bom”?

  5. hahaha i love you katie! lets do lunch again :)

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