American Psychic Vol. 4

And now a word for the American Idols I predict will be at the bottom this week:

phil haley

Phil, you look like a cross between a drag queen and a member of the blue man group. Haley, you should think about your clothing choices; clothing is not optional, put some pants on.

I honestly cannot figure out who is voting for that chick. Every week, I think she’s going, and every week she stays. So I’m gonna say Phil this week – he’s creepy.

(UPDATE: shock of the century; Gina got kicked off tonight. dang. But those two losers up there were in the bottom three. Their time is coming.)


3 Comments to “American Psychic Vol. 4”

  1. I found Sanjaya’s personal Photobucket account, AND his deleted MySpace blog posts and did a screen print – you can find it on my blog here:

    Oops! Everything you say (write) can be used against you in the future, eh?

  2. According to Dial Idol Phil pulled in second highest!!! Whaaaaaat? Where did THOSE votes come from?!!

    Haley has GOT to go. Her clothes are coming off way too quickly for my liking and I don’t even know what she’ll have to take off to stay in another week! She’s not a sex symbol…she looks like a fool. Save the girl from more embarassment and get her out of there!!!

    I really couldn’t care less this season :(

  3. i may be going out on a limb here..but i think hayley is worse than least sanjaya has some spunk..shes just relying on the creepy old men vote

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