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April 30, 2007

Rehab’s good for something, right?

So, Remember THIS?

turns out, it’s true…

Britney & Howie

Both of you should consider running the other way.

April 27, 2007

Unanswered Prayers

So, Jesus, I’m not sure if you heard me about that whole Dancing With The Stars thing
but this will definitely do.

vicky b

My girl Vicky’s got a reality show!

from People Magazine “It’s official: Victoria Beckham has secured a deal with NBC and American Idol producer Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment for a reality series about her move from London to L.A.

“The series will give viewers a glimpse into what makes Victoria so popular and admired as one of the most glamorous women in the world,” said Kevin Reilly, the president of NBC. “She makes news wherever she goes and our audience can now become insiders in this fascinating personal view of what being ‘Posh’ truly represents.”

Adds Beckham: “This show is really something different, it’s pushing the boundaries and I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.”

The series is still un-named…but as always, i have a few suggestions:
-‘2 become 1: The Beckhams, Makin’ Babies 24/7
-‘Oh My Posh!
-‘Me & Vicky B‘ (okay, so I’d have to join the cast for this one to work out as planned)
-‘What Not To Eat

Just a few suggestions, all solid.

April 27, 2007

Today’s Perfect, I feel like movin’ around

it’s like a cartwheel. but i’m doing it. so it’s better.”

Interpretive dance rules –
and so does Dizmas.

this album is priceless…go to their myspace and check out “Dance” & “Shake It Off

shut up. brilliant.

April 27, 2007

Reading Rainbow

Mark your calendars for October, y’all.
people cover
Lance Bass will be releasing his memoirs.
The title?
It will be a heartfelt re-telling of his struggle to hide his gayness from millions of adoring lady fans…although we should have figured it out HERE…or HERE…but definitely HERE.

April 26, 2007

the giver of the golden popcorn

Sarah Silverman, meet MTV. MTV, Sarah Silverman.
It was announced today that comedienne Sarah Silverman will host the MTV Movie Awards this year. click HERE to watch the announcement. And if it is any indication, I think we are in for a treat.

April 26, 2007

American Gigolo


JAIPUR, India (Reuters) — An Indian court ordered the arrest of Hollywood star Richard Gere on Thursday for kissing Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS awareness event this month saying it was an obscene act committed in public.

Gere’s repeated kisses on Shetty’s cheeks at an event to promote AIDS awareness in New Delhi sparked protests in some parts of India, mostly by Hindu vigilante groups, who saw it as an outrage against her modesty and an affront to Indian culture.

Read more HERE

April 25, 2007

I’m in the business of misery

new Paramore. “Misery Business”. Brilliant.
i am FEELING this.
listen. love it.

April 25, 2007

support the booty

so William Tell is a fox.

will tell

His music isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s fun.
And even if he sucked, i would still admire his beauty…or booty…
however you want to interpret my feelings for the fine Mr. Tell.

Once upon a time he was the guitar player for a terrific band called Something Corporate, and now he’s taking a stab at a solo career. check out the song “Like You, Only Sweeter” and his fun video for “Fairfax

Will, you have my support.

p.s. those jeans fit right. woo.

April 24, 2007

i secretly love this

Peace out comeback.

i heart nerds

“Britney started watching American Idol when she was in rehab,” said a source. “She became a huge Sanjaya fan and thinks the two of them can make beautiful music together.”

click HERE to read the rest of this insanity.

April 24, 2007



Paul McCartney’s activist amputee ex, Heather Mills danced her last dance on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars tonight.

I think she got what she wanted out of it – American sympathy.
And I definitely got what I wanted out of it – A one-legged dance-a-thon.

So, all that I need now is my one prayer to be answered:
Father in Heaven, please let my dear Victoria Beckham decide that this is, in fact, a great idea.

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