American Psychic Vol. 3

It was hard for me to decide which of these two might go home tonight.

sligh haley

I find Chris Sligh‘s hair & face incredibly creepy. strike one. He picks up the microphone stand when he sings. strike two. His ‘fan club’ is called the FroPatro (yes, that’s patrol with no L). strike three.

Haley Scarnato is boring. strike one. She tends to look like an extra from a Whitesnake video. strike two. I’m actually surprised I remembered her name. strike three.

so it’s a close race, my friends. But I predict a goodbye to Haley. I think the FroPatro will come through for creepy Sligh.

But Haley has been showing a lot of leg lately…

(UPDATE: apparently the leg was too much for the FroPatro to overcome. Adieu Chris.)


5 Comments to “American Psychic Vol. 3”

  1. She tends to look like an extra from a Whitesnake video.

    HAHAHHA i almost just fell off my chair.

  2. I never watch the thing but when I turned my t.v. on I saw Gwen and actually stuck around to watch most of it…but why didn’t they choose that Indian kid with the pony-tail mohawk?!?! But as the case stands: I vote for the forgettable girl…nothing special in her voice or performance….boring and la-haaamme!

  3. I think it’s too bad. I really thought he had a great voice. He just couldn’t pull the whole package off.

    I don’t think I’m on anybody’s “team” this year…and that is sad.

    I can’t believe you didn’t make a comment on Sanjaya’s hair!!!

  4. I was kinda feelin it, I mean, he sucks, so he’s gotta do something…

  5. hayley sucks more than he does. what a waste of space.

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