Middle American Do-Gooders

I’m not gonna lie, Hanson, I’m feeling it.

I’ve never been very fond of the Hanson clan, but I am digging the littlest Hanson singing lead. work it.

I will now make a bold statement: I plan on buying this album. Not only am I actually digging it, but these middle American do-gooders are donating proceeds from the sale of their new record to a Hospital in South Africa…gotta love that.

Plus, I am loving that dirty stache piano man is sportin’


5 Comments to “Middle American Do-Gooders”

  1. OMG Katie Moore you have just made my LIFE!!!! You obviously know how much I love these boys…

    I have a copy of the new album…it came out on February 21st in Japan. Let me just say, the album is AMAZING…INCREDIBLE…I could go on for days. Seriously. This is the best album they have done yet…and honestly I think “Go” is the weakest song so if you like it you’ll LOVE the album. Them boys have grown up and done good.

    You would officially be my favorite person of all time indefinitely if you would purchase the album haha.

  2. what’s a “middle American Do-Gooder”? And how do I become one?

  3. Well Heather, maybe you could be a South American go-gooder…

    seems more fitting.

  4. and by go-gooder, i mean do-gooder.

  5. you know what would make your blog perfect? mp3s. join the mp3 blog revolution…it needs you and your good taste in music.

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