the spandex, the falsetto, the beauty

It was a magical time in all our lives…but now it’s over. officially.
the darkness
According to their website, The Darkness is really over.

I mean, we all probably saw that one coming when the lead singer quit in October.
but it still stings.

Let’s take a minute to remember all that was glorious about the spandex, the falsetto, the beauty that was The Darkness

The band announced that the remaining members will continue under a new name soon to be revealed.

my suggestion? you may ask…


catchy, right? somebody print up some t-shirts, we’re taking this show on the road!


One Comment to “the spandex, the falsetto, the beauty”

  1. how is it that I’ve never seen that video?? my favorite is when he gives a thumbs up for “a okay” to that massive crab. ha ha! Hey, maybe that’s what i should do to my hair, krinkle it and dye it blonde, pickish purple and let the roots come in

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