What’s inside her never dies

It took me a while to jump on the Amy Winehouse train.
Back to Black

Usually when someone is so hyped up, I tend to lose interest. But girlfriend lives up to it.

Her very obvious drug & eating problems put me off at first, but after listening to this record, i don’t even care. She is out of control.

If you can’t bring yourself to pay $7.99 on iTunes for the whole album, shell out a buck and get
He Can Only Hold Her


check out those background singers. work it.


One Comment to “What’s inside her never dies”

  1. I think I’m still running alongside the Amy Winehouse train.

    Megan is obsessed with her. I’ve heard her CD numerous times but can’t reallty get into more than a few songs. “Rehab” and that one that was free on iTunes are good. I also saw her at SXSW and I do have to say I’m in love with her back-up singers. My dream job!!!!

    I personally liked Paolo’s version of “Rehab” better.

    Props to her and that hair though!

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